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Mphi D

The unique MLS® Laser Therapy brings a patented wave technology, combining dual wavelengths and both pulsed and continuous waves, making it one of the most efficient lasers for treating pain and inflammation.

The Mphi D is a Portable Laser therapy device. It is lightweight, easy to move and ergonomic. The Mphi D provides all the advantages of MLS® Laser while allowing you to apply therapy anywhere in your clinic or in your patients’ home. The highly transportable device gives powerful results in an easy to use manner.

The MLS® Laser Therapy is now available for dentists in Australia treating craniofacial and TMJ pain. The Mphi and MPhi 5 laser models have been used in the medical, chiropractic and veterinary industries.


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Mphi D 5

The Mphi D 5 uses a multidiode applicator CHARLIE HEAD which conveys the high quality energy of the MLS® pulse to a well-defined 5 cm diameter target area, whose shape and size has been optimized to guarantee an excellent therapeutic result.

The Mphi D 5 offers the advantage of acting over large areas of the body in short time. Mphi D 5 is equipped with an ergonomic trolley, perfect to store the accessories and to be easily moved inside the clinic.

Current dentists use the laser to treat pain associated with TMD, or TMJ dysfunction, as well as assist healing from surgery and extractions.

Others use the MLS® Laser Therapy to speed orthodontic teeth movement and deprogram the TMJ’s prior to taking a bite registration.

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